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Oil of Olay

When talking about Oil of Olay, everyone would be familiar with this beauty brand. It’s one of the beauty products most often used by women all over the world. The products aren’t only able to make women look more attractive, it’s also able to make the skin smooth and look flawless … or so the users have said.

Oil of Olay is a beauty skin care products made by American firm Procter & Gamble. However, not many people know that this product was originally made by a South African chemist, Graham Wulff, who used to work for Unilever. Wulff made the beauty products because his wife, Dinah, wanted to look beautiful. In the end, Wulff made a product that is said to quickly absorb into the skin pore while at the same time moistening and protecting the skin. Wulff and his partner, Jack Lowe, then tried the product on their wives and relatives. When the result was satisfying, they had the courage to advertise and market the products.

The Oil of Olay itself was considered very unique since it’s available in pinkish fluid; not cream substance like the general beauty products at that time. Wulff chose the name Olay as the spin from the original word lanolin, which is the main ingredient of the substance. The product has unique marketing methods since it has never mentioned anything as beauty fluid or even skin moisturizer. The ads campaign only mentions such thing like “looking younger” or “the secret of young and supple skin”. Since the 1970s and 1980s, the company has decided to market the products in the global market, leading to several name modifications and changes in order to make customers satisfied. In Australia, Ireland, and UK, the name is Oil of Olay, in Belgium and the Nerthelands, it’s Olaz only, and in Italy and German speaking areas it’s Oil of Olaz.

There’re about 12 main products of the Oil of Olay, such as:
- Body Cleansing, which consists of soaps and also body wash.
- Body Lotion, or also known as Quench. It’s moisturizer products to protect the skin.
- The Classics. It includes the original beauty products, consisting of Beauty Fluid creams, lotions, and also cleansers.
- The Professional. The products consist of firming and anti wrinkles cream. It’s usually used by dermatologists assistance.
- The Age Defying. This is anti wrinkles products focusing on wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth and eyes.
- The Definity. The product consists of glucosamine that will reduce wrinkles, skin dullness, and skin discoloration.
- The Daily Facials. The products are available in the form of portable cloth with cleansers. All users have to do is to add water.
- The Regenerist. The products are intended to rejuvenate the skin so it will look younger and brighter.
- The Complete. The products are intended for UV protection that can last whole day long.
- The Deep Cleansing. The products are said to be able to penetrate the skin to do thorough cleansing
- The Touch of Sun. The products include SPF protection and also sunless tanners.
- The Total Effects. It’s said to rejuvenate the skin in 7 different ways.

Those products are said to be beneficial with their own unique characteristics in providing smooth and perfect skin condition. Most users who have used the products say that they can feel the result after using the products for quite some time. Some women even say that when they want to get best benefits, they should use complete set of Oil of Olay products.