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When talking about powerful beauty products that can really give beneficial and satisfying result, most women will refer to Olay products that are said to truly work. Known as Oil of Olay, the products are available in various types and kinds. So far, there’re about 12 main products developed by the company, with each product is designed with its unique characteristics and benefits.

Oil of Olay was first developed and invented by a chemist, Graham Wulff, who wanted to make his wife happy. His wife, Dinah, wanted to have certain beauty product that wasn’t only able to make her look beautiful, but also able to make her feel pretty as well. Finally Wulff created a unique pink fluid contained in a glass jar. Wulff and his partner, Jack Lowe, then ‘tested’ the product on their wives and close friends. When there were no complaints – in fact, they we’re receiving compliments – they decided to sell the products to help other women with skin issues and problems. In the end, Procter & Gamble as the main manufacturer of the products has managed to invent several other Olay products for each different issue.

As it was mentioned before, there’re 12 different Olay products created with each different characteristic, such as:
- The Classic. The products are considered classic and trusted items, designed for timeless skin care.
- The Complete. The products consist of important moisturizer and anti aging items.
- The Body Collection. The products consist of body wash and also body soap bars.
- The Body Lotion. The products are designed for replenishing body barrier while at the same time providing moisture, in order to prevent dryness.
- The Regenerist. The products consist of enhanced anti aging in order to rejuvenate the skin.
- The Facial Cleansing. The products are available in portable package so it can be used easily while on the go.
- The Facial Removal. The products are designed to remove unwanted hair growth around facial area.
- The Age Defying Series. The products are designed to get rid of early signs of aging.
- The Total Effects. The products are said to be able to treat and care for the skin condition in 7 different ways.
- The Touch of Sun. The products consist of comprehensive SPF protection as well as sunless tanners.
- The Deep Cleansing. The products are designed for deeper facial cleansing so the cleaning procedure isn’t only happening on the surface of the skin, but deeper into the skin.
- The Definity. The products are able to reduce skin discoloration, dullness, and also wrinkle.

Of course, if women want to get the best result, they should use the products that go along with their condition. For example, if they experience early aging signs, such as fine lines or wrinkles, they should use the Age Defying Series. Or if they often spend most of their times outdoor, they should use the Touch of Sun products. Of course, they should also care and maintain their skin condition by having regular cleansing and treatment, but when they have additional activities, they can find the suitable options from the various Olay products available.